No drive to the landfill
Depending on where you live, a trip to the landfill can be a full day’s project. Not just to load everything, but then to haul it. And if It’s a busy time, like the weekend, then you might have a long wait to get in and unload. The weekends go by fast enough. Why spend it doing something you dont like.

Your City Might Not Take Everything
Many cities have restrictions on what can be set out for removal. While there are a few things junk hauler might not be able to take such as chemical waste, the list of what they can take is often pretty big. Construction debris, such as drywall or cement can be taken away by professionals.

No Having To Take Everything To Curb
Some cities allow larger objects to be set out at the curb. So the night before you have to make sure everything is hauled out, no matter what the weather is. And for some items you might have to bundle them or make sure they’re a certain length. If everything is in nice trash bags, then it might not be an issue. If, however, you have more than that, it could require more work than you expected.

No Back Pain
It’s not just that you have to lift some furniture, but if you have stairs this can increase the potential of injuring yourself while carrying out your items. It can also wear on you if you have to make a number of trips back and forth. With a professional hauler you only need to use one finger to get rid of items. Simply point out what you want hauled and they’ll take care of it.

No Worries About Damaging Your Property
Likewise, during the hauling of items yourself, there is also the risk of damaging a door or wall. Between having the experience of safely removing junk, the haulers also have the proper equipment to ensure there is no damage to your property.